The Benefits of HITT

High Intensity Interval Training – Short bursts of VERY intense exercise with rest periods, either active or complete. May be heavy strength focused, burst training, super high intensity cardio, plyometrics.

1/ Anti-aging 

– stimulates Telomerase, an anti aging hormone that operates at a cellular level (at a DNA level in fact)

– reduces P53 expression, a protein that contributes to aging and tumor development

2/ Firmer skin

3/ Increased Energy

4/ Boosts metabolism – EPOC Excess, post exercise Oxygen consumption. Your body has to work harder for many hours post HIIT to get you out of anaerobic deficit.

5/ Improves Libido

6/ Builds lean muscle mass

7/ Promotes fat burning (as a fuel course)

8/ Hormone Balance

  • Ghrelin – Hunger hormone, stimulates appetite, slows down fat usage, responsible for food cravings, released in response to stress (stress eating). HIIT causes a decline in Ghrelin
  • Leptin – The starvation hormone. Gives us the sense of being full
  • HIIT balances both above hormones, therefore increasing fat burn and fat loss and is an excellent way of managing unhealthy eating behavior.

9/ Testosterone – elevated means weight loss…BUT it inhibits leptin activity. Decreased leptin = fat gain.

HIIT increases both leptin and testosterone AND HIIT creates a rare environment where leptin is relatively impervious to the effects of Testosterone = WINNING.

10/ Increase in Human Growth Hormone – repair.

11/ Extremely efficient cardiovascular effect – Superior to steady state exercise like, running, cycling, rowing.

You will note that Fasting and HIIT benefits show similar trends. If done in tandem, we can expect a synergistic effect.

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