The Evolution of Heart, Body, Soul Fitness

Heart, Body, Soul Fitness offers something that is rare and unique. 

 We are a Fitness Collective dedicated to working with you in an effort to enhance your health, physically, mentally and emotionally. Dedicated to delivering you into your senior years, stronger, more stable, more mobile and more flexible than you would have been if you hadn’t found us. Dedicated to making exercise interesting, fun, challenging and results driven (whatever YOUR desired result is). Dedicated to educating you around ALL the elements of health and well-being. Committed to excellence and committed to our members.

Heart, Body, Soul Fitness will NOT be just a gym where you rock up to get fit and work out. We will continue to offer a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Our site will be a place where people are inspired to be the very best version of themselves. A welcoming, friendly environment, free from judgement, with a “team is the theme” attitude that supports everyone on their individual health and fitness journeys. 

Heart, Body, Soul Fitness, will continue to cater for all fitness levels and types. While always encouraging you to give your best effort, there will be the space for you to work at your level and pace. As always our instructors will offer a myriad of options to cater for individual needs. 

As a boutique fitness studio, we know who each and every one of you are, your strengths and your limits, so we can cater for you as individuals, even within the Group Fitness setting. We offer an environment in which you are listened to, where your feedback is valued and taken on board, so that we can provide you with the best and most appropriate programs. 

Our Classes and instructors will always challenge you to step outside of your comfort zones, try new things and realise all of the things your mind and body are capable of. AND our Classes are educational. You will learn about what you are doing and why, and come to understand how your body works. 

Heart, Body, Soul Fitness, is NOT just about lifting heavy things, huffing and puffing or sweating it out….although, we do love ALL of those things! BUT, we go deeper than that. Into injury prevention, via stability and mobility training, into mental and emotional well-being, via meditation and mindfulness components in classes, into anti-ageing techniques in our Roll and Release and Flexibility classes AND in specialised workshops and short courses we can go even deeper.

·        Heart, Body, Soul Fitness offers a space where fitness, health and well-being, is a life long journey to a fitter, healthier, happier you! A space where the desire to achieve total fitness, health and well-being comes from the heart, strengthens your whole body and inspires your soul.

·        Our classes are unique classes, you simply won’t find them anywhere else. Every class every week, while offering the same foundational ethos will feel fresh and different.

·        Our instructors communicate and engage with each other regularly to bring the best to you – look at the whole body not just physical strength but functionality and emotionally. 

·        Heart Body and soul – provide informative and engaging workshops and events.

·        We will continue to be the home of the Amazing, Good for Your Guts, healthy food and natural body range.

·        Introducing a sprung floor for training on to protect joints and allow for some bare foot training in certain classes.

·        Our instructors who are constantly evolving, learning and researching the latest information and training techniques to deliver to you. 

·        Plenty of on street parking and Street frontage for our site.

·        A strong and synergistic partnership with Aerial Sport, with great potential to grow together and as small local businesses to support each other. 

·        Pricing flexibility, where you are paying for what you use.

·        A kid’s zone will be available for your little ones during classes (except very early morning classes), details around this are to follow.

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