Good for your Guts, is a local small foodie business, with a focus on Gut friendly foods. Recently I have also started producing Body Friendly products as well.

Having a vegan daughter and grand-daughters, I noticed how expensive and tricky it was for her to buy tasty, healthy, real food for vegans!

Offering a range of Gut friendly foods. Raw, alkali, preservative and pesticide free, gluten free, often vegan and low or devoid of common allergens such as dairy, eggs, gluten and soy. All products are refined sugar free too!

Healthy Food Range.

A range of fermented vegetables, 

Vegan cultured butter, 


Raw slices, 

Mayonnaise (contains eggs) and vegan mayonnaise


Flavoured Seed Loaves

Protein Balls

Healthy Body Range

Crap free Shampoo Bars

Crap free Body Butter

Crap free deodorant

Crap free soaps

While I do carry some stock of our fermented vegetables range and Body Range, for other foods, I prefer to make to order to ensure maximum freshness.

You can order directly from me via 0478414626 or my facebook page. Very soon, we will have on online booking system available too!

In the near future, I will be offering healthy snack packs for sale. You will be able to select your weekly healthy snack, balls, slice requirements and I will deliver them to you!

A range of slices, fermented vegetables and Bpdy products, will also be held on site at Heart, Body, Soul Fitness