Heart – Carefully crafted, Cardio driven programs designed to get your heart pumping, sweat flowing and endorphins teaming. Set to awesome tunes, these programs will leave you on a natural high, energised and ready to take on the World!

Blitz, Funk, Fight, Boxing, Shock, Pace

Blitz – High intensity cardio meets, strength intervals, conditioning and stretch. Develop motor skills, coordination, cardiovascular fitness and strength in this, high Intensity, great all-rounder class.

Funk – A tad of Club, a splash of Blitz, a little 80’s Aerobics…..add in some Pilates inspired intervals and voile`

Fight – Bring out your inner warrior with our Extreme Mixed Martial Arts program. Combining Boxing and strike drills, kicks and punches from a variety of Martial Arts Disciplines as well as strength, conditioning and coordination. Set to inspirational music, this class is a must for high intensity lovers.

Boxing – Rip your core, shred your upper body and smash out some cardio, whilst working out some frustrations! Using boxing gloves and focus pads, you will learn to punch like a real boxer. Authentic fighting, with upper body strikes from Boxing, Thai Boxing, and Karate and offering intervals, power, speed and agility training.

Shock – High Intensity Interval Training at its finest. Focus may be strength, or cardio. Short bursts of FULL THROTTLE work, followed by short, active recovery periods. Stimulate your aerobic and anaerobic energy systems, burn fat and develop lean muscle mass!

Pace – Run!!!! Drills, technique, Intervals.