Our Philosophy.

Heart, Body, Soul Fitness is primarily a place of health and fitness, where people come to improve their cardio fitness, shed weight, get stronger, become more flexible and much more.

Our philosophy is embedded in our name, Heart, Body, Soul Fitness. 

At the Heart of things, the Core, the foundation of your life, cannot function at its best unless it has the ideal environment in which to blossom. It cannot operate in isolation.  The Core, is only in total wellness when it is steeped in a full spectrum of strength, fitness, a strong immune system, love and tranquillity and is fed the ideal diet of super building blocks.

We take a holistic approach to fitness, health and wellbeing and as such adopt the concept of training the whole, not the parts. Embracing Fun, Play, People, Excellence, Creativity, Education, Community, Love and Friendship we tackle health, fitness and wellbeing on all levels, Heart, Body and Soul!

Our Mission.

To inspire a Holistic approach to Fitness, Health, Wellbeing and Life in general. To deliver programs that address ALL of the elements of Health and Fitness, including mental and emotional health and fitness.

We are a Studio, where Fun and Fitness become one. Where our members find joy in movement and a lust for a healthy life. Where a broad spectrum of people from various walks of life, have become a support system for each other.

We strive to provide current and reliable educational information to our members, so that they can become the best versions of themselves.

It is our desire to always stay fresh, to remain unique, to be cutting edge, to support our members and our community, Heart, Body and Soul and to be A Fitness Playground, where Strength, Flexibility, Cardio, Mobility, Agility, Joy, Self-love and Fun grow.