Soul – Practices to sooth and excite the Soul, bring Bliss and make you smile. Find peace, inner calm, joy or down regulate in our Soul Food Practices.

Clarity, Flow, Release, Funk, Acro, Strong and Stretchy

Clarity – Meditation, Mindfulness, Breath-work, Moving Meditations, Yin Yoga, all wrapped into one groovy chilled out class!

Flow –. Put length and ease back into your muscles and connective tissue, while stabilising your joints. A calmer paced Yoga class, designed to leave your muscles longer and your nervous system settled. A relaxed and delicious flexibility and mobility class, suitable for everyone from beginner to seasoned stretchers!

Release – Roll and Release. Using Yoga Tune Up Balls, expect to increase range of movement, mobility and flexibility as fascial tissue is stimulated, hydrated and released. Reduce pain, rehabilitate from injury, down regulate and calm the mind in this profound class.

Funk – A tad of Club, a splash of Blitz, a little 80’s Aerobics…..add in some Pilates inspired intervals and voile`

Acro– Acroyoga and Inverts. Learn the skills you need to become proficient at both and practice the drills to get you strong and stable enough, to really have fun with this challenging discipline.

Strong and Stretchy – Metabolic, mobility and flexibility training, meets functional movement patterns. Squat, hinge, push, pull, press, lunge, twist, walk, crawl….work everything from your toes to your nose and improve your performance across the board and enhance your quality of life!